Unbroken full Amazonite crystal with 4 sided point


Specimen Name: Unbroken full Amazonite crystal with 4 sided point

Locality: Lake George, CO

Mineral type(s): Amazonite

Matrix type(s): Amazonite

Dimensions(mm): 30mmx25mmx20mm

Color (s): Amazonite

Combination Specimen: Yes

Chemically cleaned: No

Mechanically polished: No

Extremely rare full Amazonite crystal formation with beautiful blue color. The common top of the crystal is very prominent but there is also a 4 pointed termination. Where all 4 sides equally meet at a point to terminate this individual crystal. Add in another small Amazonite crystal that is attached to the side of the larger crystal. I have never seen an Amazonite crystal in this formation before.

Collections: Lake George

Category: Amazonite, CO, Colorado, Lake George, LG

Type: Amazonite

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