Microcline Crystal grouping


Specimen Name: Microcline Cluster

Locality: Cheyenne Canyon, CO

Mineral type(s): Microcline

Matrix type(s): Feldspar

Dimensions(mm): Small Cabinet 10x25x20

Color (s): Black, Purple, tan

Combination Specimen: Yes

Chemically cleaned: No

Mechanically polished: No

A unique large microcline crystal with smaller crystals forming on and around the larger crystal. The lustrous microcline appears to be transitioning to Goshenite in many areas creating a bright coating on the surface of the tan microcline specimen. The numerous smaller microcline formations that form the sides of the specimen provide a unique specimen for any collection.

Collections: Lake George

Category: Amazonite, CO, Colorado, Lake George, LG

Type: Microcline Cluster

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