Microcline transitioning to Goshenite with Hematite


Specimen Name: Microcline transitioning to Goshenite with Hematite

Locality: Lake George, CO

Mineral type(s): Hematite, Goshenite, Microcline

Matrix type(s): Granite

Dimensions(mm): Small Cabinetξ40mmx50mmx25m

Combination Specimen: Yes

Chemically cleaned: No

Mechanically polished: No

This specimen was left uncleaned to show the original state it was found. I really couldnt bring myself to clean it. I think mother nature did a perfect job with this one and it should stay in its natural state. The microcline is well formed and very sharp. Portions of the microcline are transitioning to Goshenite and are very good at reflecting light. The hematite coating is deceiving as there is plenty of sparkle on the faces of the microcline. I like this piece and wanted to leave it in its original find state to show just how unique some of these specimens are out of the ground.

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