Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, and Microcline on Granite


Specimen Name: Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, and Microcline on Granite

Locality: Lake George, CO

Mineral type(s): A Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, Microcline

Matrix type(s): Granite

Dimensions(mm): Small Cabinet 60x62x50

Crystal size(mm): Smoky 30x10x10 Fluorite 2x2x2

Color (s): Black, Purple, tan

Combination Specimen: Yes

Chemically cleaned: No

Mechanically polished: No

Nice combination specimen from a classic Colorado location. Contains multiple dark black and brown gemmy smoky quartz crystals, small microcline formations and purple fluorites on granite matrix. One small fluorite cube formed between two smoky quartz crystals with additional fluorite formations on the matrix.

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